Innovation on Demand, New Product Development Using TRIZ

by Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin, Cambrideg University Press, New York, 2005.

This book describes a revolutionary methodology for enhancing technological innovation called TRIZ, increasingly adopted by leading corporations around the world to enhance their competitive position. The authors explain how the TRIZ Methodology harnesses creative principles extracted from thousands of successful patented inventions to help you find better, more innovative solutions to your own design problems. You’ll learn how to use TRIZ tools for conceptual development of novel technologies, products, and manufacturing processes. In particular, you’ll find out how to develop breakthrough, compromise-free design solutions, and how to reliably identify next generation products and technologies. Whether you’re trying to make a better beer can, find a new way to package microchips, or reduce the number of parts in a lawnmower engine, this book can help. Written for practicing engineers, product managers, technology managers, and engineering students.

Effective Innovation, The Development of Winning Technologies

by Don Clausing and Victor Fey, ASME Press, New York, 2004.

Clausing (MIT) and Fey (The TRIZ Group) describe the world class, TRIZ-centered approach necessary for the introduction of new technologies and products. The book’s scope encompasses the development of radical new innovations, and the development of the many supporting and sustaining new technologies that are essential for the good health of any thriving enterprise.

The book positions corporate innovation leaders to revolutionize their technology development activities. They will be able to discern, with greater accuracy, winning technology trends, introduce world-class innovations on demand, rapidly develop these new innovations with inherently higher reliability, and successfully transfer them for quick commercialization.

This book is unique. There is no other book that covers the same material. It is based on Clausing’s industrial and academic experience in the fields of technology and product development, and on Fey’s experiences in the development and application of TRIZ. This book combines TRIZ with the best practices of the United States, Japan, and Western Europe.