"As I learnt more about TRIZ, I realised that the real power of [it] was in the thinking processes which it encouraged. ...I found many TRIZ organisations seemed more interested in selling their software than in building the ability to think through... I came to the conclusion that real TRIZ thinking... was too difficult to understand to be of any practical use. Attending Victor’s course changed this view completely. Victor presented the various TRIZ techniques with extreme clarity and gave practical examples of how and where to apply them. I came away from the course equipped to recognise and resolve many inventive problem situations. Victor has helped my company solve a number of previously “impossible” problems... As a direct result of his input, my company is now in the process of filing several patents for radical new innovations.”

John Cooke, Director, Applied Research

We invited The TRIZ Group to assist us with the development of new solutions concerning sustainable manufacturing processes.  After an initial data gathering session and brief introduction to the TRIZ methodology, The TRIZ Group quickly helped us identify a number of actionable, compromise-free solutions.  One solution has already proved successful under validation trials.

We could not have produced the selected concepts on our own, as they happen to reside outside the scope of our internal subject matter expertise.

We really value and appreciate the work The TRIZ Group did for us.  It’s making a difference.  Thanks!

Jay Scripter Vice President, Sustainability

I had the pleasure of a year-long, one-on-one training program in TRIZ with Victor Fey. Victor's understanding of TRIZ is unparalleled and his ability to translate TRIZ concepts into novel technical solutions is remarkable.  I was changed by Victor and his thinking.

I hired Victor to teach TRIZ to my engineering team. His training was example-based, analytically well-founded, and relevant. I would hire Victor again.

Michael Shipulski, Ph.D., Director Advanced Development

In the period 2011-2012, while working for Hyundai Motors Company, I took a one-to-one training in TRIZ with Victor Fey, both online and offline. His training program covers everything from beginner to advanced levels in TRIZ. I participated in this program as a TRIZ expert who had already mastered TRIZ Level 3 and above. I was fortunate to meet Victor Fey, a top expert in TRIZ application and training, and especially in ARIZ, a core analytical tool of TRIZ.

Nowadays, I successfully solve tough innovation problems for global companies by using the TRIZ methods that I learned from him. Victor Fey not only has the highest level of knowledge and skills in TRIZ, but also is a very good and passionate teacher. If someone decides to learn TRIZ from him, it will be the best gift of their life.

Miwoo Han, President

“I had been exposed to TRIZ through software and reading - but it felt disjointed … I had a general appreciation but no navigation sense. Victor’s teaching has given me a much clearer mental model - I now believe I know where to start and how to proceed. I thoroughly enjoyed the course - it was a special experience that I will value and build on.”

Peter Stephenson, Program Manager

“I came to the workshop expecting simply to review it with a view to proposing a sub-2-day package for my research colleagues. I have totally let go of that idea. Any time reduction would severely reduce its impact and the take-away competence. I fear I’d have to lose the special teaching effect of Victor!”

Steve Joseph, Member of Research

“The best workshop they [the Engineering Team] have ever had.”

Guillermo Escutia, Technical Director

“A great experience, large varieties of complex problems can be attacked using TRIZ/ARIZ. The course addresses a whole segment of engineering never discussed anywhere else. Very good, practical course.”

John Romig, Project Engineer

“I found the case studies to be very interesting and informative. The experience you bring in the classroom is invaluable. Class has helped me to see the woods instead of the trees.”

Chris Miller, Project Engineer

"I have used The TRIZ Group on two separate occasions, with two different companies. I was one of the principals of a machine tool manufacturing company and we found ourselves in a difficult situation with a newly designed and ready-to-deliver machine tool that would not perform as intended. This was a new design of a metal cutting machine costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. There were severe vibration problems and lack of rigidity in the primary functional aspects of the machine. We had exhausted all traditional engineering approaches in trying to rectify the problem, and were under severe financial and time constraints to deliver the system to a customer. Were it not for the efficient and extremely clever solution that Dr. Eugene Rivin, of the TRIZ Group came up with to solve the problem, our company faced total failure. The TRIZ Group saved our skin.

The second time I used the TRIZ group was when I was the director of engineering of a robotics systems integrator. We had a difficult situation that involved running several high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic lines to the end of an articulated robotic arm used in a precision robotic assembly system. The robotic system was used in the hard disk media industry and required high precision rigid components. Our situation was complicated by the fact that the robotic assembly system was in a clean-room environment and the movements of the machine components could not generate any particulates nor have its movement restricted in any way. Again we had virtually exhausted all traditional engineering approaches in trying to come up with an acceptable solution and, again, we were under severe time and cost constraints to solve the problem. Remembering the success that I previously had with the TRIZ Group, I called Eugene Rivin and Victor Fey to see if they could help us out of this difficult situation.

Eugene and Victor conducted an introductory session on TRIZ for the company’s management, in order to both introduce TRIZ and dispel skepticism of using non-traditional engineering methods. After we accepted The TRIZ Group's proposal, they conferred with our engineering staff to get a thorough understanding of the problem. We were immediately impressed with the structured approach they used to analyze and isolate the problem. They then quickly came up with a very elegant solution that demonstrated their unique ability to quickly solve an incredibly difficult problem.

In either situation I doubt that we could have arrived at the same solution using any other technique, including traditional engineering methodologies or outside consultants. We consider ourselves clever and skilled engineers, but we certainly learned a lot about using a systematic organized process to develop an innovative solution to what we saw as an almost impossible problem. Using traditional engineering and problem solving techniques would not have enabled us to arrive at a solution because we were not aware of the structured approach to analyze this type of technical challenge. TRIZ allowed us to look at all possible solutions that would not have been obvious through any traditional engineering analysis. TRIZ demonstrated that the conventional "trial and error" approach was no longer a viable alternative.

We also found that the cost-to-benefit ratio of using the TRIZ group was exceptionally significant. Besides the obvious benefits of having a problem solved quickly, we were shown a solution that not only worked, but worked well – with no subsequent problems. Moreover, despite the initial reluctance of our engineers to accept someone that was not intimately involved with our products or processes, our concerns were quickly put to rest when the solutions were presented – they were elegant and ones that we know we couldn't have come up with on our own.

I have found The TRIZ Group extremely easy to work with and will not hesitate to use them again as the need arises. "

Ron Aarts – Director

"In my opinion, The TRIZ Group provides the best TRIZ training available. Victor Fey is globally known as an excellent TRIZ trainer. I had several opportunities to compare him to other TRIZ trainers and consultants, and I did not find anyone doing a better job. He and his colleagues, whom I know personally, have extensive scientific and engineering backgrounds coupled with a thorough understanding of the best productivity enhancement practices."

Alex Shoshiev - Principal Engineer

"I decided to take the Advanced TRIZ training with Victor Fey after having previously taken his 3 day Basic TRIZ training and was very glad that I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the Basic Training, but the Advanced training, which occurred over more than a year’s time, allowed a very satisfying taste of how TRIZ really works. I found Victor’s book and coaching methods to be practical and enjoyable. Being able to take the time to personally work through many exercises and apply TRIZ to actual ‘real-world’ problems in my industry was extremely helpful. I found the whole experience to be energizing and certainly convinced me of the value of TRIZ. I highly recommend the training."

Randy Schutt, PhD, PE, Director, Advanced Research & Technology